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Masonry Services Austin, TX We at LMS Lonestar Masonry Inc., provide high quality solutions to high end multifamily residential, high end residential and commercial clients. We have worked on projects in San Antonio, Austin, Ft Worth, Dallas, and Houston in all surrounding areas with great success. Our experienced team has built many elevator shafts, stone and brick masonry structures and retaining walls in Waco, Marble Falls, The Woodlands, College Station, and San Marcos. If you want a reliable contractor for your job, we can help. The range of services we provide include:


When it comes to wall construction techniques, stone masonry is a very popular choice in Texas. This technique has been used to build structures for literally thousands of years. In this method of construction for modern day construction, structural walls are generally built first with a weather barrier and the stone is veneered to the wall which rests on a 5 ½ inch brick ledge. We ensure that the structure is solid and durable and that it will be able to withstand outdoor weather conditions. Our company only employs the best quality materials and craftsmanship in the project. Read More About Stone Masonry »


Many modern-day structures are constructed using brick masonry. It can be used in the construction of buildings, outdoor structures as well as homes. In this construction method, bricks are stacked one on top of another in neat rows and mortar is used to hold them in place. The final product is a durable structure that has an even facial surface. We utilize high quality brick masonry solutions for different types of projects and applications such as the construction of multifamily residential, monumental structures and more. We use the latest construction techniques in our work and ensure that the brick masonry features we install for you are sound and stable and that they add to the value of your property. Read More About Brick Masonry »


In this masonry technique, thin veneers made of materials such as natural stone or brick are applied to the surfaces of walls with thin set mortars and lath. This technique can be utilized over existing wall structures or on new construction. Since these veneers are less than 2 inches thick, they do not add much weight to the wall structure or affect its integrity. Read More About Veneer Masonry »


Stucco is a cement-based plaster that is applied over walls and other surfaces inside and outside of buildings. It is made from cement, sand, and lime and hardens into a highly durable material that requires little maintenance and can be used to obtain different textures and finishes. Stucco typically is applied over a galvanized wire mesh called lath, which helps the stucco adhere to the surface and strengthens the entire assembly. Stucco usually is mixed on-site. Stucco has a very distinctive and elegant look. We have vast experience in this particular technique and have completed a number of projects for clients all across Texas on multifamily and custom homes. Read More About Stucco »


Retaining walls are specially built to provide support to a landscape and to prevent soil erosion in the outdoor areas of a property. If you have sloping land but need to construct certain outdoor features, you would have to excavate and grade it well before any construction work begins. However, it becomes necessary to provide support to the dug-up slope and this is where retaining walls are constructed. These walls could be made from concrete masonry blocks, brick, natural stone or even concrete. Sometimes a combination of materials is used in this construction work to create resilient and long-lasting landscape retaining walls. Read More About Retaining Walls »


Elevator shafts and structural walls are generally made with cmu (concrete masonry units) to the engineer’s spec. The cmu blocks are available in specific shapes and sizes and construction with these units becomes very practical. We use these specialized materials to construct big and small structures as well as retaining walls. Some of the concrete masonry units are entirely solid while others have a hollow structure. We will use appropriate types of masonry units depending on your project and your specific needs. Read More About Structural Concrete Masonry Units »

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