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Retaining Walls Austin, TX Retaining walls are an important part of the landscaping, especially if your property sits on a slope. These walls provide good support to your landscape or structure and help prevent soil erosion. At LMS Lonestar Masonry Inc, we have ample experience with retaining walls and have completed projects all over Texas in cities such as Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, and Ft Worth.

We have also constructed resilient walls on both commercial and residential properties in Marble Falls, College Station, The Woodlands, Waco, and San Marcos.


A retaining wall is a specially-engineered wall that is solidly anchored into the ground. This wall keeps the soil in place and helps to maintain their integrity. If you want to install outdoor features on your property and need to excavate the land, a retaining wall can provide good support to the backfill.

A retaining wall will keep the soil contained during heavy rain falls. These walls also add to the aesthetics and structure of your property.


There are several ways to build a resilient retaining wall. The strength of this structure depends on the type of construction and materials used. Here’s a look at the different types of walls available:

  • Concrete Block Retaining Wall – This structure is built from pre-fabricated concrete blocks or CMUs. Blocks are resilient and reinforced with a metal framework, which makes them ideal for a retaining wall. Concrete wall blocks are more affordable than traditional materials like brick or natural stone.

  • Stone Retaining Wall – If you have room in your budget, a natural stone retaining wall is a great option. These structures are built from natural stone and give the wall an organic feel. This kind of retaining barrier can fit in well in any kind of landscape. Natural stone walls are quite resilient and will last for decades if they’re installed correctly.

  • Brick Retaining Walls – Brick walls are very resilient and durable. It is easy to use and affordable. Brick is generally used in combination with concrete and stone to create resilient landscape retaining walls.

  • Poured Concrete – Poured concrete walls are easy to build and durable, but they’re not as resilient as the options mentioned above. This wall requires some skill and careful construction, but it provides a smooth and even surface. We can install stone or brick veneer to enhance its appearance

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