Stucco Austin, TX The color, texture, and design of a wall will have a significant impact on a building's appearance and overall value. Stucco provides resilience to a structure with its reinforcing cementitious properties. Stucco gives walls a distinctive and elegant appearance. We have completed projects all over Texas including Austin, San Antonio, Dallas Ft-Worth and Houston.


Stucco is a mixture of water, aggregates, and binder. This binder is typically made from a combination of Portland cement, lime, and sand. The material is wet when first mixed but dries into a hardened layer after it has cured. All the components of this material are mixed on site, just before application because stucco will harden after it comes in contact with water.

The basic stucco mixture consists of three parts sand or aggregate, water, and one-part Portland cement, hydrated lime (10% of the cement quantity.) We make sure the mixture is applied correctly and sets well. Our stucco installers will extend the drying time as much as possible to ensure the layer is strong and resilient.

We utilize 1-Kote stucco as well. 1-Kote Gray Concentrate is a fiber reinforced, modified portland cement exterior plaster. The product may be used in conjunction with various foam substrates to create wall assemblies with higher R-values and improved crack and water resistance. 1-Kote Concentrate may also be used over wood or gypsum backing and may be utilized for a scratch and / or brown coat application for a conventional stucco system. It is available in a “regular” as well as a “premium” blend.


Stucco is a very different material compared to traditional veneers. It is often found in Mediterranean and South American style properties, giving them a distinctive appearance. Here are some of the biggest benefits of this material:

  • Versatility – Stucco is a very versatile material. It can be applied over curved, flat, and uneven surfaces easily. The material is easy to customize, which means we can change its color, texture, and overall appearance before and after application. This versatility allows us to create surfaces that truly appeal to our client’s tastes. There is a wide range of color, texture, and finishing options to explore. You can choose traditional white or gray colors, or be adventurous with the exterior stucco colors you want.

  • Affordable – When it comes to wall finishing, you will find that stucco cost is very affordable. It is cheaper than natural stone or brick veneers and requires less effort to apply. You save money on both material and labor costs.

Stucco Walls are also very durable, especially if they’re maintained well. They’re easier to repair or replace than veneer option.

This material is so versatile and flexible, it can be applied anywhere as long as there’s a strong wall underneath. Our experienced stucco installers have completed a wide range of projects over the years and have the ability and skill needed to do the job right.

When applied correctly, stucco will enhance the beauty of any indoor or outdoor space and lend it character. For any more information about our services or stucco wall cost, feel free to call LMS Lonestar Masonry Inc, at 512-863-5544 today or send us your queries via this Contact Us form.

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