Thin Veneer Masonry

Veneer Masonry Austin, TX Fuel hikes have affected a numerous amount of industries including the building industries. One solution has been to reduce the weight of the material which has created the beginnings of thin veneer masonry. Thin veneer is one third the weight of its counterpart, full builders grade veneer which means that you can now receive two thirds more coverage on a truckload than regular builders grade veneers.

We have completed many multifamily residential, commercial and commercial building all over the state of Texas. Our team of expert masons has installed veneers on several properties in Dallas, San Antonio, Ft Worth, Austin, and Houston over the years and understands the process well. We have also completed projects in Waco, The Woodlands, Marble Falls, College Station, as well as San Marcos with beautiful veneers.


Thin veneer masonry is the process of applying thin veneers over existing or new construction walls to give the appearance of a full-bodied product. The process is like tile and stucco installation. The use of thin set mortar, lath and scratch coats are all involved in doing thin veneer masonry. Thin veneers don’t add to the structural integrity of walls, but they do offer some protection from the elements and make the structure a little more resilient. The wide array of products available in thin veneer now makes its aesthetics desirable.


There are several types of masonry veneers available on the market today and each offer something different. Our expert designers will work closely with and consider your requirements, budget, and the property’s architecture carefully before recommending a specific type of veneer for your home. You can choose from:

  • Brick Thin Veneers – Thin brick veneers is the process of taking real bricks and cutting the face of the brick off taking out the bulky size. The brick is then mortared on to the wall generally using a thin set mortar. Brick thin veneers offer great protection against the elements and offer superior moisture control. Brick is also a non-combustible material which means your home has additional protection.

  • Stone Thin Veneer – Natural Stone thin veneers is real natural stone that has the face of the stone cut off to remove the bulkiness of a full builders grade stone veneer which is 3 to 5 inches thick. Stone is highly durable and weather-resistant, which means it can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications. The material is available in a wide range of textures and colors so you’re sure to find something that suits your taste.

  • Manufactured Thin Veneer – Manufactured Thin veneer is designed to mimic real natural stone veneers. However, it is concrete that has been casted in a mold with the color applied during the process. This is a great because the color is man-made so it can be controlled to a degree whereas real natural stone thin veneers are natural, and color can vary. However, keep in mind that the color is only skin deep on manufactured thin veneers and once it is chipped, the aggregates inside will show.

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